Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Amazing Stephen King Creatures

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Movie Fun

Here is some interesting films which i have seen recently....

District 9

I saw this film a couple of weeks ago and really liked the concept of it. It was such a refreshing change for a sci-fi to be used as an iconic comparison to the world we live in today.

The director manages to make the audience actually care about his digital creations, which to me is a very impotant part of the film, towards the end of the film you start to hate the humans.

Another part i really liked was the character designing and the history of the world that the director has created. He's thought about everything; how they are born, what they like, how they socialize with others, how they manage to live in our world it really is interesting to take your mind off your normal life and get immersed in a great imaginary sci-fi.

I seriously hope they create a sequel! (District 10)

Also in the near future i hope he also actually creates and finishes the Halo movie...

The Mist

First of all, i have mixed feelings on this film... so i'll write the pros and cons.

  • Loved the character designs! there are some really unique creatures in this film and i would love to buy a book based on Stephen Kings creatures... because both The Thing and Dreamcatcher have amazingly unique looking creatures in them.
  • I liked the depressing ending!
  • Good Atmosphere.
  • Nice Atmospheric Music

  • Some parts were quite funny, especially when that man sets himself on fire! the stupid fool!
  • Some of the acting was pretty shoddy
  • Some of the actors were just plain STUPID, at countless times i was frustrated at the lack of common sense!

My next films to watch are:
Bolt and BASEket ball

New Post (at long last!)

Sorry for the long break from posting on the blog!

I have been busy recently, working on some artwork/animation for Victor Animation Studio. Here is a tiny illustration of a boat!:

This is an illustration which is for a boat/fish magazine, I only had less than half of a day working on it, hence the lack of detail.. but i kinda like the simple,graphic look.....I will try to keep you updated on what I'm doing (which is, at the moment, a title animation)

Speak soon!