Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I'm Still around! But haven't been very pro-active!

Not much new news (Sorry!) as things have been going a bit slow recently, mainly due to work as well as trying to get myself back into drawing again, I've tried to take a couple months break to recouperate! Unfortunately.

I recently bought a new snazzy camera! (Sony H20), which I'm pretty happy about, it features HD video as well as 10 megapixel shots! I plan to take some experimental shots and put them up here!
My plan (in the near future, i hope) is to take a trip to some places around the world and take shots. Mainly to get a massive load of inspiration, as i feel i need it! I think to see epic vistas in real life is certainly enough to do just that!

I've also been playing a couple of games! Mass Effect 1 + 2, Heavy Rain and God of War 1,2 and 3 .
I highly recomend you play them! I love the whole idea of the Greek mythology in the God of War series, hopefully they look at other myths in the next series of games, maybe egyptian or norse?!

(Geek moment) Ive got to say God of War 3's intro is EPIC!