Tuesday, 18 May 2010

May = Games

Just thought I'd add a little section of the games i have played recently and the games i plan to play later this month!

Firstly Alan Wake, i still haven't completed this game but absolutely love the way the game grips you! With the use of cinematic and atmospheric encounters! words don't speak enough about the movie like atmosphere in this game soo here is a sample video!

Secondly Halo : Reach, I've been playing on the beta for a little more than a week and i love it! I'm loving all of the mulitplayer upgrades such as the hover jets and the sprinting! Everything animates alot better as well, too bad the game hasn't improved much on the visuals.. but it still looks 'nice' . Saying that i do like the look of this level:

Red Dead Redemption comes out this week and i can't wait to play it! the game world looks MASSIVE! and plus its made by the creators of the GTA series, so i must be good!