Monday, 11 October 2010

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Written by 28 days later and The Beach writer comes a story much inspired by the Chinese mythology of the Journey to the West, featuring two characters (Monkey and Trip) exploring a post appocolyptic world, centred around New York, USA.

The motion capture for this game was directed by Lord of the Rings and King Kong star Andy Serkis. His ability to create realistic animations has made this game become even more close to films. With great voice acting as well as impressive animations. This is a great game to look at.

I am overall impressed by this unique game. From start to finish you are constantly questioning the story, which is impressive for a game, when usually the story is the last thing the studios work on.

Beautiful Music, reminding me of Beyond Good and Evil

The graphics, animation, music and voice acting are brilliant and instantly draw you into its beautiful world.

I would absolutely recommend a purchase of this unique and brilliant game!

Games which compare:
Jak and Daxter
Beyond Good and Evil

Uncharted Series

Which brings me on to talk about how excited I am of Beyond Good and Evil being re released as download content! I urge anyone who is interested in good stories, great characters as well as a brilliant musical score to download this great game!!