Sunday, 18 September 2011

Just a Couple of Updates...

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. This is due to me having a bit of a summer holiday (fesitvals etc) I have also been busy working on the BB project which is still in its early stages. I'm designing the backgrounds for the animation and this is the main thing which is taking up my time at the present moment. I'm really enjoying it though! I'll update you on the latest developments on that project.

I have also (very recently) joined a contract with Acretion Studios, creating a couple of Illustrations for their up and coming books and ebooks. I can't really say much but I might be able to show some work later in the year...

Updates to come: Photos from my trips to Dedham and the Zoo, expect these in the next couple of days. After that though I can't really say when the next update will be
:( Sorry!!