Thursday, 1 March 2012


Just thought i'd add something about the games which I have been playing recently...

First up is Fable 3, I enjoyed playing the game and loved the art design and style of it, just as i did with the other 2 games. There are quite a few things which i hated about the new 'improvements'.
I shall write them in bullet points...

  • Menu System: Navigating through menus and selections in Fable 3 was a terrible design and should have never been made in the final game. It just makes navigation much harder then before. For the whole time I could never find Health Potion, the random jewels i picked up constantly + i could never know what gifts I had received from characters in the game. They tried to make the menu system easier, but in actual fact they made it worse, terrible even.
  • No Map : No map in the game made it much harder to navigate, i had countless amounts of times where i was lost and had no idea where to go. Well i kind of lie... there is a map, but you have to go to the useless menu navigation system running around to get to the main map...
  • Everything is just too simple: All the way from talking to people to interacting with your dog just feels too simple. It now just seems pointless and stupid to interact with a character in Fable 3. Interacting with you dog is rubbish as well now, there isn't any point in it being in the game, He does nothing (apart from finding treasures.. which kind of ruins the whole idea of 'Exploration', all you do now is run around waiting for your dog to bark.)
  • Levelling up: Again another terrible system, just like the menu, it's just too simple!!!

There are somethings that I thought Lionhead did well and that was when you (Spoiler) become king. You have so many decisions to make which really does alter the world you live in. You will also see the world develop as and change (visually) which is a great addition to the game.

The Next game is the Jak and Daxter HD Collection. Used to love the first game when i was younger. I loved the bright colours, the great character animations and the comedy. It felt for the first time you were playing a pixar film. Since getting the HD collection last week I have only just completed the first game and still have the other two to complete, So I'm looking forward to continuing the trilogy! If anyone has yet to try this game then i thoroughly recomend it, remember that it is quite old now, but even now you can appreciatte how advanced it was for its time (Animation alone).

Aaand lastly a game which i am very much looking forward to! Journey. The game looks incredible and is released on the 14th March!