Thursday, 6 December 2012

Games, games, games...

Woah, seems like ages ago since I wrote something on here! So i'd thought I'd give a double post today! Woooo...

Firstly i wanted to talk GAMES! cause I've been playing a couple recently and thought that you might like to hear my thoughts on them.


Basic Info: Bungie's last game was Halo:Reach so this is 343's (the new studio working on the Halo series) first ever title. The game starts off from where Halo 3 finishes. The campaign is more cinematic and the graphics are the best the series has seen so far. Multiplayer is awesome as well and still works like previous Halo titles.

What I love: The main thing I've always loved and enjoyed about the Halo series is the sense of mystery on weird and obscure planets/structures. This title takes this sense of mystery and scale and creates some epic landscapes/designs. Wondering around a planet which feels interesting and has its own personality is really enjoyable as well and seeing structures which seem to float in mid air adds to the Sci Fi vibes.

Another area the game exceeds in is its sound, guns have a real impact and the music is more gritty and cinematic, I suppose its got to be good when the dude behind it is the sound producer for Massive Attack...

Concept Art
Borderlands 2
Basic Info: Borderlands is one of these unique games which allows upto 4 players working co operatively through out the whole of its campain which also being able to have your own sense of freedom and not be stuck with your team mates. It has a small RPG feel to it, in terms of building up your character as well as finding new items (guns, grenades etc)
What I love: Firstly (like the first title) I love its unique comic book looking style. Its like a piece of 2D artwork... but in 3D. It has a really nice painted look to it. I also love the missions as well as its sense of scale (The game is HUGE). The vistas are also really interesting. There is also alot of comedy and references to other games and films which I found enjoyable.